Internship Programme: Mycologist

Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture, fascinated by the world of fungi, and eager to delve into the art of mushroom cultivation? Look no further!

Join Our Mushroom Cultivation Internship Program!

What We Offer:

✅ Hands-On Experience: Immerse yourself in the exciting world of mushroom cultivation with practical, hands-on training. Learn the ins and outs of substrate preparation, inoculation techniques, and optimal growing conditions.

✅ Expert Guidance: Work closely with seasoned professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. Benefit from mentorship, Q&A sessions, and insights gained from years of experience in the field.

✅ Diverse Mushroom Species: Gain exposure to a variety of mushroom species, including oyster mushrooms, shiitake, button mushrooms, Reishi, and more. Explore the nuances of cultivation techniques tailored to each species.

✅ State-of-the-Art Facilities: Train in a modern and well-equipped mushroom cultivation facility, where you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology and resources.

✅ Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and fellow interns. Build a network that could open doors to future collaborations and opportunities.

✅ Certification: Receive a valuable internship completion certificate, recognizing your dedication and newly acquired skills in mushroom cultivation.

Who Should Apply:

🌱 Students in agricultural sciences, biology, or related fields

🌱 Enthusiasts with a keen interest in sustainable farming practices

🌱 Career changers seeking a hands-on introduction to mushroom cultivation

How to Apply:

Simply send your application to Hurry, as limited slots are available for this immersive internship experience!

Embark on a journey of growth, learning, and discovery in the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation. Don’t miss this chance to turn your passion into expertise!

Application Deadline: 30 March 2024

Cultivate Your Future with Us!

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