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Ndaka 348

The Ndaka Mushrooms Farm Store is a Namibian retail store that aims to give shelf space and sell Namibian farm produced and agro-processed products on its platforms.

Our objective is to provide the shelf space and opportunity for Namibian producers to sell their products to different consumers who also use our stores.

The Ndaka Mushrooms Farm Store agrees to keep, display and sell the Consigned Goods in the following premises:
I. Ndaka Mushrooms Farmhouse, Onethindi-Olukonda Road, Onethindi, Oniipa, Namibia
II. Ndaka Mushrooms Farm Store, Shop 23A, Tsumeb Mall, Tsumeb, Namibia
III. Online Store (ndakamushrooms.com)

The Ndaka Mushrooms Farm Store shall store the Consigned Goods at its premises at all times, segregated from all of the other inventory, and shall clearly indicate that the Consigned Goods are the property of the Supplier.

We have a shelf space at our Ndaka Mushrooms Farm Store for Namibian Farm Producers and Agroprocessors. Contact us to reserve your space! T&C apply.

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