Spent Mushroom Substrate


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Spent Mushroom Substrates (SMS) offer a sustainable and nutrient-rich solution for enhancing soil fertility and supporting plant growth. These SMS products, available in convenient 50 kg bags, are the by-products of mushroom cultivation after the harvesting phase.

Used widely in horticulture and agriculture, SMS serves as an excellent soil amendment for plants and vegetable farming. Its organic composition contributes to soil structure improvement, moisture retention, and nutrient enrichment, creating an optimal environment for plant roots to thrive. The residual nutrients in SMS can enhance overall soil health, promoting healthier and more productive crops.

Additionally, SMS finds utility as a dietary supplement for animals due to its nutritional content. When incorporated into animal feed, it provides a source of beneficial organic matter and can contribute to the overall well-being of livestock. This dual-purpose characteristic makes SMS a versatile and eco-friendly resource for both plant cultivation and animal nutrition, aligning with sustainable practices in agriculture and farming.

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    1. Tuhafeni

      Really good as soil amendment for plants and vegetable farming.

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